Announcing The ViciLock Wallet

VC⚡️NT Live Over Zoom: Announcing The ViciLock Wallet

Join us to celebrate the announcement of the ViciLock Wallet. Attendees will be among the first to own the ViciLock Wallet when it launches in 2024.

Coming Q1, 2024

How to join the Zoom event

Steps to Attend Our Exclusive Event


Return to this page and click the ‘Join Zoom’ button.


Connect your wallet .


Follow your wallet’s prompts, and you will be able to join the event.

Mobile Users: Open this page in your wallet’s browser to properly connect your wallet for entry.

Event Bonuses

Special Guests
Hear from our ViciNFT CEO, Jon Fisher, and special guests to be announced.
Get ViciLock Wallet 2024
You will also receive our ViciLock Wallet when it’s released in 2024.


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