ViciCoin (VCNT)  Profile

ViciCoin (VCNT)  Profile




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Token Supply Stats:

Total Supply: 10,000,000
Max Supply: 10,000,000

ViciCoin Description:

The ViciCoin (VCNT) is an ERC-20 utility token that runs on top of the Polygon blockchain. We offer a highly flexible platform that is augmented with ViciCoin that can serve a broad range of verticals and unique business models. Our platform allows goods and services owners to develop hierarchical offerings that require an NFT to unlock access to Zoom sessions, protected web content, rights to receive physical goods, attend events, and authenticate assets’ provenance. We augment NFTs with our ViciCoin as an additional payment method to raise the quality of service (line priority, enhanced data) or unlock higher-value, premium services (protected content, VIP access). We believe the combination of our platform and our token enables owners to build communities and marketplaces to strengthen their brand and extend their reach. Additionally, the creation of the NFT, storage, DNS, and hosting costs, as well as community maintenance, communications, and transaction costs, are paid with VCNT. A one percent (1%) fee on all transactions that involve VCNT will be collected and used to advance the development of our technology platform and maintain the infrastructure of each community.

Code Address:

Owner Address: 0x2221726644f16D1E292821E78F0A986772207825


Jon Fisher – Founder, Chairman & CEO –
Vit Kantor – Founder, CTO – Kantor is a software architect and entrepreneur with a specialty in secure distributed applications.
Richard Smith – Founder, VP Product – Smith is an engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for building model products and services for customers.
Josh Davis – VP Engineering – Davis is a software developer with over 25 years of experience in computer vision, database marketing, identity, and access management.
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ViciNFT provides turn-key NFT and Tokens solutions for enterprises, creators, and communities committed to the common good. The ViciNFT Foundation, a nonprofit organization, works with clients to support the charities of their choice and promote positive changes within their community.

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