ViciSwap Preflight Party

ViciSwap Preflight Party

Help us get ready for ViciSwap’s worldwide launch by piloting the many-to-many token swap functionality.

Thursday, April 25th

6PM-10PM (UTC +0)

11AM-3PM Pacific Time

Calling All ViciCoin (VCNT) Holders!

Swap and Earn ViciCoin (VCNT) Rewards

Limited to 1,000 participants

Join us via Zoom with 2 VCNT in your wallet – spend one to enter and use one to swap. We will coordinate a swap every 15 minutes during the 4 hour event so everyone can show up at their convenience, use ViciSwap and be on their way. Rewards will be issued on May 2nd.

Event Ended

Spread The Word

Let’s make this a ViciSwap success story together!
Invite your friends and family to join the fun. The more participants we have, the bigger the rewards. We will run a contest to see who ends up with the most VCNT in their wallet at the end of the event. The top 10% will get a 10% bonus based on their ending VCNT balance.

Create a New Wallet

This is a great chance to practice using your crypto skills.

Load Up with 2 VCNT

You’ll need 1 VCNT to join our Zoom session and another 1 VCNT to participate in the swap. You will also need a little Matic to pay for gas.

Join Us on ZOOM

Come back here and click on the event link to join the party!

Score Up to 7 VCNT in Rewards


1 VCNT for Swapping

That’s right, just for showing up and participating, we’ll give you one VCNT to cover your Zoom entry and another one as a reward!


Bonus 3 VCNT for 100 Participants

 If we can get 100 people to join the Zoom and swap, everyone gets an extra three VCNT! That’s a total of five just for participating! The more the merrier!


Mega Bonus 3 VCNT for 250 Participants

Can we smash our goal and hit 250 participants? If so, everyone scores an additional three VCNT, bringing your total earnings to a whopping seven!
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