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Host A Live Event
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Teach a class, stream a concert, or host a charity event using Zoom powered by ViciCoin (VCNT).

How It Works

Fill out our registration form to get in line! Zoom sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
Promote Your Event
Reach out to your network via Social media, email and DMs to spread the word!
Host Your Zoom
You can have up to three hundred attendees join your Zoom session.
Get Your VCNT
After your event, ViciCoin (VCNT) will be transferred to your wallet. View our T&Cs.

Why Should I Zoom with ViciCoin (VCNT)?

Using Zoom powered by ViciCoin brings your community together, creating exclusive experiences and provides the ability to earn ViciCoin from the attendees of your Zoom event.

Post on all of your socials

Share details with your friends and followers on the date, theme, and offer of your Zoom!

Reach out to your network

Talk to your close friends and community members of your unique ViciCoin Zoom event.

Some Third option..

This is copy for the third option I haven’t written out yet.

How Do I Promote
My Event?

Singing up to be the host is just the beginning, marketing your Zoom is vital for a successful event!

A meeting with purpose

Create a meeting with a clear reason on why people would attend (I.e. fundraising, live performance, etc.).

Maximize your network

Enlist the help of some friends and reach out across your social media network.

Timing is everything

Consider a convenient date, time and duration for your Zoom session attendees.

Project Zoom
Marketing Guide

The Project Zoom Marketing Guide for VC⚡NT DEVS will empower the community to plan and host their own Zoom events.
Kickstart your Zoom event with a clear purpose! Explore our guide filled with Zoom event ideas and ready-to-use promotional resources to help your event become a success.
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